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API - Auto Parts International


Welcome to Auto Parts International, our company has been supplying the world market of new and used auto parts and engines since January 2000.

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We are proud of our ability to provide the best quality products to satisfy your needs. We are constantly improving the way our products are managed from purchase all the way through to your receipt of the shipment. All our parts are barcoded and you can specify how items are shipped, including options for individual part wrapping to reach you in the best possible condition. See About API Stock.

Recycling Accredited

Recycling Accredited

API Online

Auto Parts International’s interactive website is an efficient way for you to review our stock inventory and purchase product. A comprehensive breakdown is supplied for all stock vehicles including photos and parts available to purchase. Whether you want to purchase a complete vehicle, a vehicle to be dismantled, engines, suspension, mechanicals or individual parts from selected vehicles we have it all available online for you to freely browse 24 hours a day. See Buying Process.

Commitment to you.

Auto Parts International has a strong presence in the global market and is ever growing. We are constantly changing to match your differing needs and provide specialised services to satisfy all. We understand the regional model differences in each market and our operation is designed around stocking and offering the best selection of vehicles for your region.

Barcoded stock

Computerised Barcode System

All our parts at Auto Parts International are barcoded. Unlike other part suppliers we are able to keep highly accurate accounts of our stock to make sure we can track every part and ensure each container is filled with exactly what you have ordered.

Carefully wrapped stock

Part Wrapping

Here at API, you can specify how you want your items to be shipped, including options for individual part wrapping to reach you in the best possible condition. (Additional charges may apply)

Boxed Stock