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Auto Parts International (Wholesale Supply) - Contact Details

Address: 178-9 Okayama
Mikasa City,
Japan 068-2165
Phone: +81 11 378 4588
English: +81 12 672 4440
Fax: +81 11 351 5253

Auto Parts Find Japan (Single Parts) - Contact Details

Address: East 4-1-22 Sweden Hills
Ishikari gun
Japan 061-3777
Phone: +81-90-6443-4252
Fax: +81-13-326-4663
Disclaimer: Auto Parts Find Japan is a separate company from Auto Parts International, any grievances or legal matters to do with Auto Parts Find Japan must be taken up with that company and under no circumstances shall Auto Parts International be held responsible. The same shall apply for any grievances with Auto parts International, Auto Parts Find Japan shall in no way be responsible, all maters should be taken up with Auto Parts International.